Katy Perry turned down ‘Idol’ and $20 Million!

Katy Perry turned down ‘Idol’ and $20 Million!
August 27, 2012 JEREMY FEIST

I’m entirely convinced that at this point, American Idol is just wadding up contracts, loading them into a cannon, and firing them off over on Hollywood and Vine, because the number of people they’re considering as replacement judges for Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler is starting to get a little out of control. Anyway, Katy Perry was the latest celebrity name to come up for the judge’s panel, but not only did she turn it down, I’m pretty sure she just revealed that she’s actually worth $2 Million more than Mariah Carey. From HuffPo

According to sources, Perry, whose professional and personal life have been in the spotlight recently, was courted by American Idol producers for the gig for quite some time. She was reportedly first offered $18 million for a one-year contract, with that number jumping up to $20 million. Still, she’s not biting. “She was being hotly pursued,” a source also told Us Weekly about Perry’s Idol offer. “They really wanted her.”

However, it’s not all that surprising that Perry is passing on the gig. She talked about joining Idol with The Hollywood Reporter in July, saying, “People have reached out to me about the possibility of being involved, and it’s not right for me yet.”

In all fairness, I’m assuming that extra two million is probably because Katy can actually form coherent sentences and doesn’t have the weird, thousand-mile stare of a woman who thought Glitter was a good idea. I mean, I’m just guessing here, but come on: GLITTER. NEVER FORGIVE.

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