katy perry got off lucky!

katy perry got off lucky!
August 6, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Good news for those of you who like terrible Ke$ha rip-offs featuring women shooting whipped cream out of their boobs: contrary to rumours, The Beach Boys won’t be suing Katy Perry over that terrible, terrible song, California Gurls. Another victory for Daisy Dukes and Bikini tops everywhere!

“The Beach Boys are definitely not suing Katy Perry, in fact we are flattered that her fantastically successful song is bringing to mind to millions of people our 1965 recording of the Beach Boys’ ‘California Girls,’ ” says Love, who cowrote the classic with Brian Wilson. “We think her song is great and wish her all the success in the world.” SOURCE

“We think her song is great”?! Obviously, this man has never actually listened to California Gurls. Of course he didn’t; his ears are still perfectly intact and aren’t bleeding horribly. But so help him, one day he will actually hear the song and wonder why the hell he didn’t kill it when he had the chance.