Katy Perry’s boobs might be too big?!

Katy Perry’s boobs might be too big?!
November 18, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

VH1 is running another Divas special called Divas Salute The Troops, which includes Katy Perry, Nikki Minaj, and … ummm, other people whose names I don’t really know. But it’s hosted by Kathy Griffin so yay! Anyway, Katy’s people are now worried that her boobs are too big on the poster, because it’s not like her career is pretty much dependent on the fact that she’s got the most motorboat-able tits in the music industry.

To help promote VH1’s upcoming Dec. 5 special Divas Salute the Troops, pop singer Katy Perry, 26, was photographed posing like a pinup girl, an insider tells the new Us Weekly. “But her team thinks her boobs look too big,” the source says of the newlywed (whose bra size is 34D). Another source confirms: “It’s true. The ads are being redone!” SOURCE

I’d like to point to exhibit DD: The fact that God gave you big, perfect boobs, and all you’re doing is covering them up. What the hell? Those are gifts from the big man! Hiding them up is just unchristian of you, Katy. See? Now you made Jesus cry. I hope you’re happy.