Katy Perry burned her blue wig to promote “Roar”

Katy Perry burned her blue wig to promote “Roar”
August 5, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Katy Perry

Happy Civic Day, everyone … what’s Civic Day? How do I describe it … well, Ontario decided it wanted a holiday in the middle of August, so instead of coming up with something to actually celebrate, they just called it Civic Day and plunked it right on the first Monday of the month, because I guess someone already took “generic non-working holiday.” Anyway, to celebrate, here’s Katy Perry burning her blue wig from “California Gurls” in order to promote her upcoming single, “Roar.” I’m guessing it’s a way for her to symbolize her getting rid of the whole Lady Gaga-esque bit in favor of something that looks a little more rock/goth, and you know what? I approve. God bless Civic Day and whatever it stands for!

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