katie holmes will do silent scientology birth

katie holmes will do silent scientology birth
October 6, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

yo yo yo – this is so so so weird – i really don’t know what to say – so katie’s birthing to tomkitty is now planned to be a scientologist ‘silent birth’ – i have been on this earth for almost 30 years now – and i have never heard of such a thing until now – this is freaky fucking stuff people! i imagine katie holmes parents are shitting bricks right about now – this whole ‘silent birth’ sounds like a real blast – katie must be thrilled or brainwashed – it’s all a bit loosey goosey but here is what i understand as of now…

complete silence during birth – even the mother – no screaming or talking

no drugs of any type to help ease the ‘pain’

the baby must not be spoken to for up to seven days!

ok to each his own really – but doesn’t this sound off? i mean i wouldn’t blast loud music in a newborn’s ear – but no talking? apparently they believe the baby is so traumatized when it makes its big transition that they don’t want to add to the drama of being born – this is just wacky shit people – maybe i’m crazy – but doesn’t this sound out of whack? shit – i would be screaming my head off if i were to give birth – and i would require a ton of las drugas…popbytes out for now – and some ‘fun’ quotes below about this whole ‘silent birth’

SCIENTOLOGISTS believe pain and negative experiences imprint themselves on the mind as “engrams” and affect subsequent behavior. The silent birthing technique is supposed to prevent “engrams” being formed on the child’s mind.

Maintain silence in the presence of birth to save both the sanity of the mother and the child and safeguard the home to which they will go. And the maintaining of silence does not mean a volley of “Sh’s,” for those make stammerers. L. Ron Hubbard, “Dianetics”, Chapter X, “Preventive Dianetics”, page 193

Next, the delivery itself should carry as little anaesthetic as possible, be as calm and no-talk as possible and the baby should not be bathed or chilled but should be wrapped somewhat tightly in a warm blanket, very soft, and then left alone for a day or so.
HCO [Hubbard Communications Office] Bulletin of 20 December 1958, “Processing a new mother” by L. Ron Hubbard.