Katie Holmes is trapped in Tom Cruise’s prison!

Katie Holmes is trapped in Tom Cruise’s prison!
August 1, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey boys & girls – hot off the tabloid express here’s the latest cover of STAR magazine! there have been so many rumors recently about some sorta impending ‘event’ being all prepped for over at the scientology celebrity centre (just a hop, skip, & creepy jump from my apartment – i’m gonna do a drive-by in a bit)…if kat(i)e holmes needs to escape tom cruise‘s (mind) prison then her wedding (or brainwashing ceremony) would be the perfect place for a little runaway action! could you imagine – ms. holmes going on the lam? taking her baby girl (doll) with her? gosh then we would never see suri…i will agree with the cover for sure on one point…her career is in ruins (yes in better shape than mel gibson‘s) i can’t wait to see if/when she does another movie…marking her first ‘dazed’ performance under the spell of tom! popbytes over & out for now…as usual i will be back with a few more fun items from the latest issue of STAR!