katie heads to scientology boot camp – yikes!

katie heads to scientology boot camp – yikes!
April 30, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning! this week’s STAR cover is featuring more drama for katie holmes who has been going to scientology (brainwashing) camp prescribed for her by hubby & enslaver tom cruise (just as he’s ready to win back america with an appearance on oprah winfrey‘s talk show again…) oh i loved going to camp as a kid but it certainly had nothing to do with l. ron hubbard or xenu – the good times of scientology are coming under major fire these days! there’s a few details below – the whole ‘religion’ (tax purposes) just seems so damn bizarre & creepy! (at least for katie’s sake the magazine used a decent shot of her for the cover) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

in the new issue of star, we report exclusively on how katie was recently secluded for three days at gold base, the remote, supersecret scientology compound in hemet, calif., where she was put through a demanding schedule.

“it included various tests, confession sessions, tons of reading and physically challenging purification processes,” a scientology insider reveals. “tom insists that auditing and purification practices are incredibly beneficial to scientologists at all levels.”

katie’s intensive scientology training and treatments have been accelerated in recent weeks, says another source, because she wanted to go to new york city without tom to star in a broadway play. but tom stepped in and put the kibosh on her plans. and now katie’s been going in for a series of intensive auditing sessions, some which have lasted for 36 hours straight – with little sleep or food! SOURCE