kat(i)e holmes caught w/ her escape plans!

kat(i)e holmes caught w/ her escape plans!
March 27, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey everyone! below as per usual you’ll find the latest cover of STAR magazine which is all about tomkat – normally i like to be on the positive side but dudes this is one couple that needs to split up! tom cruise is just plain weird – i heard something on the radio the other day about mr. cruise meeting justin timberlake – tom went on & on about how much he loved JT’s music and by the end of the conversation mr. timberlake was apparently uncomfortable – yikes – not good times!

if you were katie holmes would you dig the fact your husband made justin feel all weird?!? holy shit – i’d have an escape plan too! girlfriend must be so jealous of way cool moms like gwen stefani who fucking rocks my popbytes world – gosh i love her! she was adorable tonight on american idol (oh yes there’ll be a post on sanjaya‘s shitty mohawk hair & performance shortly!) if kat(i)e does in fact ‘escape’ (with adorable baby suriin tow) from tom – she so needs to do a film version of rapunzel directed by the likes of quentin tarantino or darren aronofsky – that would/could be so hot! i can’t wait to see how the whole cruise-holmes partnership lasts – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS i know why britney spears‘ babies are afraid of her – it’s those damn color contacts – wrong wrong wrong! i’ve never approved of anyone wearing ’em – they never look right and always freak me out! (btw i have no comment on the angelina jolie story located in the upper left corner)