kate winslet gets her italian on!

kate winslet gets her italian on!
December 20, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! so the other morning i tossed up nelly furtado all decked out to the nines in gold (a big trend this season) in the december issue of vanity fair – the italian version! well go ahead and take a wild guess who was on the cover? yes it’s our darling kate winslet! i’ll admit that i haven’t seen her recent film little children yet but it’s high on my list (plus there’s also her yummy co-star patrick wilson) i for sure don’t think i could bear watching the holiday (even though it does star my jude law) it’s not my type of movie at all but i’ll forgive kate for this piece of wispy fluff – i’ve always been a huge fan of ms. winslet’s! the answer is no – i’m not even going to mention titanic…that movie is so tired!

i first fell in love with her in 94’s disturbing heavenly creatures, she was great in quills (oh who doesn’t love reading a little dirty de sade now & then?) then she’s in one of my favorite movies that i feel like a lot of people haven’t seen…the life of david gale which is an incredible film – it’s excellent and will totally keep you on the edge of your seat – i promise – please rent it if you missed it!

of course i’ve got to mention kate’s performances in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and the semi-sappy but still good finding neverland! i must say she has been looking so damn hot lately – she’s at the perfect size for her body type – she is so working it! so tonight here’s to ms. winslet (i know my pal nathaniel over at film experience will toast to this post) rock & blog on – popbytes over & out for now!