kate walsh spotted on my block

kate walsh spotted on my block
December 14, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! so i was out walking the doggies this morning when i noticed there was about six paparazzi dudes hanging out across the street (where an AA meeting was taking place) i asked them who they were waiting for – it turns out it was actress kate walsh – who is probably trying to keep herself in check after word broke she’s splitting from her hubby alex m. young who she was only married to for fifteen months! (he filed for divorce citing ‘irreconcilable differences’) i snapped a few shots from my balcony of the scene – i do like ms. walsh but i think she should have stayed on grey’s anatomy rather than doing that spin-off show private practice which probably won’t be around much longer! (then ‘addison montgomery’ can head back to seattle…) popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

UPDATE! based on someone’s comment below – the meeting was for al-anon (a support group for people dealing with someone w/ a drug or alcohol problem) it got me thinking – her hubby just filed for divorce – now she’s spotted at this meeting w/ an unnamed male companion (keep in mind she’s not somebody the paparazzi normally chase – there were 6-8 paps following her this morning – perhaps they were tipped off…) maybe this will somehow factor into her divorce proceedings – claiming her soon to be ex has some kind of issue and doesn’t deserve a dime? maybe it’s just my over active imagination at work (or i’ve watched way too many soap operas) but it all seems a drop fishy to me…when i first asked the paps who they were following – when they told me kate walsh – i was like ‘uh…ok’ – i was expecting someone like lindsay lohan or paris hilton – certainly not ms. walsh!