kate gosselin might have had some work done…

kate gosselin might have had some work done…
June 25, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

… And by “some work” I mean “holy crap, your face is pants-crappingly terrifying, please kill it with fire“. Kate Gosselin was recently seen walking around looking like her face was drawn on to her head with a box of crayons, and now people are starting to think she might have gotten a bad botox job. You don’t say.

“She looked much better in the earlier photo: great hair, nice smile and a normal brow position,” Dr. Michael Olding, chief of plastic surgery at George Washington University, said. In the after photo, Kate “has the typical appearance of Dysport or Botox poorly placed in the space between the brows where frown lines occur,” he explained. “The lateral part of her brow is elevated in an abnormally high position, which my patients refer to as McDonald’s arches,” he added. SOURCE

I love how polite and professional the doctors are trying to make it sound, when the truth is it looks like she couldn’t even blink without tearing her forehead open. Seriously, her face looks like it should on display next to leather handbags and baseball gloves. Christ, how many cows do you think died just to make her face? On the plus side, when she passes on, her kids can have her stuffed and mounted.