Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin hate each other!

Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin hate each other!
December 9, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Oh look, the famewhore stagemoms are fighting again. This week, it’s Kate Gosselin vs. Sarah Palin. Apparently, Kate made an appearance on Sarah’s reality TV show (what have we done to deserve this?!) and Kate naturally had a huge bitchfit when faced with another woman who might usurp her title as “BEST MOM EVER!!!”

A Gosselin source tells the new Us Weekly that the reality mom, 35, had “zero chemistry” with the former governor, 46, while taping a buzzed-about episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska in July. “They didn’t speak off camera,” the insider adds. “She said the food and accommodations were terrible, and it was the worst trip she’d ever been on.” SOURCE

No shit, the food and accommodations are terrible? Really? The whole point of camping is that you go live in the middle of fucking nowhere while eating canned bullshit. Have you ever been camping? It’s awful. I mean sure, there are smores, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that nine out of every ten campers are eaten by a bear.