Kanye Wanted His Album Banned

Kanye Wanted His Album Banned
January 11, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

Remember how the original Kanye West album artwork was banned because it basically featured him banging Madonna a scary, cock-eating harpy lady? As it turns out he actually commissioned that piece with the sole purpose of having it censored and getting some publicity.

West’s album’s controversial cover art, which featured a painting of West having sex with a phoenix and drinking, was painted by artist George Condo, who told The New Yorker that West specifically ordered controversy.
Having seen Condon’s paintings, Kanye selected the painter to do the artwork, and as Condo explains it, he wanted, “something that will be banned.” SOURCE

I’m more or less split on this one. On one hand, people have the right to throw some crappy painting on their album for whatever reason they want. On the other, comparing yourself to all the other works of art that were banned for their actual messages? Bullshit. Everyone knows that if you’re going to create something controversial, you need to attach some sort of preachy social message to it. Look at South Park! It’s still funny!