Kanye West wants a fighter jet demo at his wedding

Kanye West wants a fighter jet demo at his wedding
October 29, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Kim Kardashian

Just in case you needed further proof that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s impending wedding (next summer) is going to be the biggest, gaudiest thing you’ve ever seen, Kanye’s apparently trying to get fighter jets to fly over the whole thing. I guess it was either that or a sky-writing plane that would spell out the phrase “I’ve made a huge mistake” in the clouds. RadarOnline reports …

Kanye West said he’ll marry Kim Kardashian next summer in an over-the-top wedding that will include a demonstration from “fighter jets.” The Yeezus rapper opened up about plans for his nuptials to Power 106′s Big Boy Neighborhood show, where he dished on his surprise engagement to the world’s most famous reality star.

Wait wait wait … these are fighter jets you say? Hmmmm …

Pilot: The Kardashian wedding is in site. Awaiting your orders, over.
Leader: Dump the payload. Scorch the Earth. Let nothing survive. Over.
Pilot: Napalm has been dumped on the wedding party. Everything is- Oh God, Kris just grew back two heads. Over.
Leader: I was afraid of this. We’re currently organizing a tactical nuclear strike. Just wait it out. Over.
Pilot: Whatever Kris is, it just grew wings and- GRAAAAH! I CAN HEAR IT IN MY THOUGHTS!!!
Leader: Pilot, you served your country well. You belong to The Pain now.
Pilot: Tell my family … I love them. (*Exploding noises, followed by static.*)

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