Kanye West is officially a Kardashian now!

Kanye West is officially a Kardashian now!
August 23, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Kanye West and Kris Jenner

After a lot of stupid, stupid build-up all week long, Kanye West finally made an appearance on Kris Jenner‘s awful daytime talk show today, where he not only showed off the first picture of his baby girl North West but he also passive-aggressively responded to President Barack Obama‘s recent comments about him and famewhore Kim Kardashian. Via Rolling Stone

A very calm and demure West demonstrated none of the arrogance and anger he’s displayed on TV in the past. Kris called him “adorable” for wanting to be in the Kardashian family Christmas card, adding “I love that silly, funny side of you.” West spoke a little Chinese. It was an odd hour. “So Obama basically said we’re the new American dream. I just feel really happy the President mentions me so often — thank you very much, Obama.”

Let’s see here: Pimping out your kids for publicity? Carefully manufacturing a scenario where you’re in complete control and using it to enact carefully scripted, passive-aggressive revenge on someone who made fun of you? Being Kris’ bottom bitch? It’s official: Kanye West has become Kanye Kardashian. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy listing “nothing” as your occupation.

BONUS: Here’s your first look at North West!

North West

(I was right, it’s a baby that looks like a baby, congrats Kimye on having an average baby!)

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