Justin Bieber vs. An actual 12-year-old

Justin Bieber vs. An actual 12-year-old
October 18, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Alright, so by now you’ve already heard that Justin Bieber was caught in a mini-scandal over the weekend when he got into a fight with a 12-year-old kid while playing laser tag (Really? Laser tag? That’s still around?). Anyway, more and more details are starting to come forward, and as it turns out, the 12-year-old may have started it by ganging up on Biebs and calling him a “faggot“. Gosh, what great parents he must have.

As TMZ first reported, Bieber was confronted by a 12-year-old boy at a laser arcade — and things got heated after the boy called Bieber “a faggot.” We’re told the boy repeated the comment and then put his hand out toward Bieber and Bieber pushed it away as he left. We’re told Bieber’s rep has told police this story and it is backed up by witnesses. Bieber is telling friends he had no idea how hurtful these comments could be — but even though he’s a straight teenager, he now wants to take a stand against bullying and homophobia. SOURCE

Alright, let’s start things off with the obvious: no one should ever use the term faggot in order to demean gays or anyone they think is gay. That being said, anyone who’s ever played Xbox Live will tell you that competitive 12-year-olds are the biggest assholes in the entire world. Even the ones who aren’t gigantic douchebags are flat-out stupid; hell, when I was twelve, I still believed in Santa. Should Justin have hit the kid? Probably. Was the kid being an asshole? Probably. Is this entire situation completely shitballs stupid? You bet your ass it is.