Justin Bieber is a flasher!

Justin Bieber is a flasher!
November 19, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Oh come on, like you had any doubt in your mind that this wasn’t true. Apparently, Justin Bieber was out to dinner with record executive L.A. Reid and Rihanna when he decided to take off his shirt and flash his abs. My God, he’s like a tiny version of The Situation. You’re never to young to have Herpes Simplex 1!

An insider confirms to UsMagazine.com that Rihanna and the 16-year-old singer had dinner that night in Manhattan with record exec L.A. Reid and other pals. As the meal progressed, “Justin started bragging about how he has abs. Everyone started laughing but Justin was serious,” says the source. SOURCE

Not that I don’t love it when a guy just randomly flashes his abs at me, but if you’re sixteen-years-old and I’m eating and you flash me I will puke on your chest. For God’s sake, you’re a fetus! Keep your clothes on … at least for another two years. THEN you can flash whoever you want, just as long as you can afford the hush money to keep all those sexual harassment lawsuits quiet.