Justin Bieber (reportedly) punched a photographer

Justin Bieber (reportedly) punched a photographer
October 1, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Justin Bieber

Remember last week when Kim Kardashian got tackled by that prankster guy? Good times, good times. Well, there was actually a second half to that we didn’t get around to: Apparently, Paris police didn’t bother actually pursuing the matter because they didn’t really consider it that important. I’m guessing Justin Bieber took that to mean that Paris police don’t give an F — hell, they don’t even give a D. That’s how little they care. — because according to Us Weekly, he just punched a photographer …

Paris problems. Justin Bieber’s trip overseas went from good to terrible on Tuesday, September 30, when he threw a punch at photographers after returning from a late-night dinner with Kendall Jenner. Pictures have surfaced of 20-year-old Bieber appearing to shove his way through a group of photographers that were waiting for him outside his hotel. In one photo, he appears to be punching a male photographer. In a second, he has his left hand placed on someone’s neck.

Now in all fairness, Justin is stupid. Actually, I’m not sure how that solves anything, so let me extrapolate: Justin probably saw the movie Taken and assumed that everyone in Paris is a kidnapper. He probably just assumed he was buying himself some time before Liam Neeson came down like the fist of an angry god and shot a fat harem owner in the head. (Spoilers I guess?) So before you assume that Justin is some entitled douche with violence issues who has no idea how to interact with anyone on a human level, have you ever thought that he’s just an idiot? Neither option is great, but I mean, lesser of two evils.

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