Justin Bieber’s latest fight stemmed from a bowtie?

Justin Bieber’s latest fight stemmed from a bowtie?
August 6, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Justin Bieber

Yesterday, I reported on how Justin Bieber‘s crew is being investigated after getting into yet another confrontation, because apparently some people never learned to use their gawddamn indoor voices. Anyway, in case you were wondering if the reason behind the brawl was something impossibly stupid and meaningless, don’t worry! It was about bowties. You can sleep easy knowing that people can be set-off over a f**king bowtie. Page Six reports …

A witness tells us, “Justin left the club with two waitresses. But the guys on the next table were not happy. One of the waitresses – a very attractive blonde – was flirtatiously wearing a bow tie, which one of the guys on the next table had loaned to her. As she got into Bieber’s SUV, the guys chased her out, saying they wanted the bow tie back. Bieber’s security pushed back, and a scuffle started. As Bieber and his team drove away, someone threw a rock at his car. Bieber jumped out of the sun roof and got on the hood of the car, while his security knocked the guy to the floor.”

Part of me feels like I should be even remotely surprised that Justin imploded into an entitled ball of fiery douche, but honestly? He was kinda set up to fail. His mom clearly set him down the performer’s path for the sake of riding high on his coattails, she sold him out to the first band of yes-men she could find, and now he’s been ingrained with the idea that not only can he do whatever he wants, but anyone who says otherwise is a hater. (Read: “I don’t like to reflect on my actions or choices, so I’ll just write off any and all criticism as jealousy because it’s easier to not think than it is to change.”)


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