Justin Bieber is giving advice to David Hasselhoff

Justin Bieber is giving advice to David Hasselhoff
November 7, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Justin Bieber and David Hasselhoff

I’m not sure what went wrong in David Hasselhoff‘s life — I’m guessing it involved alcohol and food eaten off the floor — but apparently, Justin Bieber has taken it upon himself to advise the Hoff on dealing with the press. I think we’ve successfully reached the logical conclusion of western civilization. Hang it up America. We had a good run, but … I just think we’re done now. Us Weekly reports …

“Cheesey reporting as I NEVER posted naked surrounding myself with cheese THIS REPORTER IS A CHEESEY LIAR,” the 61-year-old wrote via Twitter about a recent report. When Bieber saw the tweet, he quickly responded to the actor. “Strange because I have [posed naked surrounded by cheese],” the singer joked. “I also had a baby, hired women, gone crazy, spit on people I love, oh yeah, and I’ve died 8 times.” He added: “Can’t believe or dwell on the bs. Just gotta know your truth. U can’t bring us down. And @DavidHasselhoff everyone loved BayWatch.”

Seriously. What. How? Why??? How in the hell does the spoiled, entitled 19-year-old look at a man in his 60’s, who’s been acting for decades, and go “yes, I know way more than that guy. I SHALL BE THE MENTOR AND THOU ART THE MENTEE!” (Oh, and in this hypothetical scenario, the 19-year-old has just recently been caught sneaking out of a brothel. Thought I should add that in there for some reason.)

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