july 2005 popbytes wrap-up

july 2005 popbytes wrap-up

hello to all! it is almost august – july 2005 is over! it was a great month for popbytes – traffic exceeded all previous months – and page views actually doubled from last month! so keep it coming people – and as of right now on technorati.com (the google of blogs) over 110 other blogs link to popbytes – which is amazing! i am beside myself with sheer pop glee! in september popbytes will turn 2 yrs old! don’t forget this is mainly a one man show with guest columnists here and there (expect a new friday column on the movies from our canadian friend jon who so wonderfully covered the amazing race for me) so yesterday i did some blog cleaning – and gave all of my archives much needed tweaking and attention – so check ’em out below!

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so wrapping it all up – here are some quick pop items!

desperate housewives – is back taping it’s second season! oh joy – it will return to ABC in september! i pegged this show long time ago to be a hit – and we all love it – new lady on wisteria lane will be joely fisher to play the new bitch in town (as promised by marc cherry) – and expect alfre woodard who appeared at the end of last season to still be around & all mysterious – enough is enough though – i just can’t wait to see the gardener – adorable beyond words jesse metcalfe – so freakin’ cute – eatable with a spoon!!!

big brother 6 – ok so i finally broke down and purchased the live 24/7 video feed – it is highly addictive – and quite sassy – so interesting to see the ‘raw’ footage that CBS so lovingly crafts into a 3 night a week show – so if your game – i highly recommend logging on to BB6…and yes kaysar is kinda hot…

so i saw chris kattan – oh i am 2 for 2 on celebrity sightings on a sunday (last week jeremy sisto at laurel canyon dog park) and now – i see SNL alumni – mr. chris kattan at the farmer’s marker on fairfax & third – one of our favorite places to grab a quick bite and spot a celebrity or two…i assume chris is living in LA – and looked quite tan & healthy – like i say as much as i miss NYC – if i were to be without LA i think i would simply wither away and die…LA is way too much fun and sunny – and if you know popbytes at all – LA is so me!

tara reid – gosh – thanks to our dear miu over at socialitelife.com – another picture has haunted my dreams (i was finally able to let go of the nicole richie image) – this picture below is too funny – tara is such a mess – and i love how paris is so poised sitting next to her – i say this is the popbytes picture o’ the month (expect a monthly popbytes picture o’ the month)…

that’s all for now kids – stay tuned – my little pop brain is drumming up some new and exciting stuff – i’m not going anywhere – popbytes is here to stay – rock on & blog on – much love to all as always – even our dear messy tara…