juliette & the licks kicked ass!

juliette & the licks kicked ass!
December 10, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! this past saturday evening i was so lucky to attend a truly kick-ass show at the roxy (many thanks to ms. heather) featuring juliette & the licks (join them on myspace) i’ve always had a thing for juliette lewis – she has done so many great movies – a totally brilliant actress – i can’t even begin to list some of her best movies here but off the top of my head i think of natural born killers, kalifornia, cape fear, and husbands & wives – ms. lewis started her band about five years ago – even saying at the concert that she was always afraid to do what she truly wanted to do – now she’s doing it – and is doing an awesome job – i kid you not that it was one of the best shows i’ve ever been too!

i was mesmerized by the band’s stage presence and juliette’s overall in your face – crazy but cool and sexy as all hell vibe – but it wasn’t messy at all – she clearly had a mission – and accomplished it more than i could have ever expected – juliette and her band simply blew me away! you must pick up the band’s latest album four on the floor which was released earlier this year! she’s such an interesting character – lots of actors & actresses are doing the crossover thing these days but often it feels unauthentic – but with juliette – i tell you it’s the real fucking deal – i think everyone else that went to the show would agree with me! kudos to her for carrying out her dream of playing in a rock & roll band (gosh i’d love to be in a rock band but i seriously can’t sing for shit – i’ll just stick to playing guitar hero!)

another thing that blew me away was running into a couple of people i went to college with back in NYC – like over ten years ago – how freakin’ random (hello lori, wade, mark & rachel) i always say it’s such a small world! i also found out that the lead vocalist from one of the opening acts suffrajett (join them on myspace) i went to college with as well – simi got up on the stage at the end and rocked out to a cover of hot stuff w/ ms. lewis – i’m so bummed that i didn’t make it down to see their full set – i’m sure there’ll be another local show soon – and i’ll be there!

finally i must again mention my love of the roxy – it was completely packed – i don’t think i’ve ever seen it that crowded but everybody i met was way cool – it’s such a great place to see a show and they’ve always been way nice to popbytes – i’m sure i’ll be swinging by again there soon! oh my gosh i almost forgot to mention that you have to watch the video clip below – especially the beginning – you’ll totally get a feel for what went down that evening! (i’ll warn you now the audio isn’t super hot since it got way too loud for my camera but the visuals are pretty decent!) popbytes over & out for tonight – thankfully monday is almost behind us – xxoo!