Jose Canseco: The new Charlie Sheen?

Jose Canseco: The new Charlie Sheen?
April 18, 2012 JEREMY FEIST
Jose Canseco

While everyone else was busy freaking out over Kim Kardashian possibly running to be the Mayor of Glendale, or Amanda Bynes slowly turning into Lindsay Lohan‘s messy doppelgänger, former MLB player Jose Canseco decided to make a public splash via yet another bizarre meltdown on Twitter, after he was caught sending flirty (and creepy) direct messages. Basically, imagine Charlie Sheen, only instead of intelligence and drugs, Jose has aimless anger and an Internet connection.

• 11:15a.m.: “Slap a hater ,can’t wait to confront you haters face to face on my website .”

• 11:21a.m.: “Class in session will be part of the site ,I will teach you morons everything about life .because most of you have no life only me .I complete you”

• 11:26a.m.: “Wake up disfunctional world time to play.won’t you be my neighbor”

• 11:29a.m.: “Welcome to my world ,coming soon .hahahaha”

• 11:29a.m.: “Welcome to my nightmare ,come on in”

• 11:31a.m.: “I am going to drag all you haters with me into my nightmare”

• 11:32a.m.: “Welcome to earth”

• 11:33a.m.: “I am here I a simple mission to slap a hater and complete you”

• 11:46a.m.: “Haters look in the mirror now do me a favor and slap yourself”

• 12:04p.m.: “Slap a hater then hug him right after”

• 12:30p.m.: “I am a part of all of you .the good the bad and the ugly”

• 12:55p.m.: “I am getting bored can anyone say something funny and original .”

• 1:05p.m.: “If god was a man and we are created in his image then why dl we look so different and what are woman”

• 1:32p.m.: “So if half my followers love me and half hate me who is right ,I think we have a war about to begin”

• 1:38p.m.: “Life is terrifying and funny”

Too late, Jose (re: 11:31a.m.). I just watched Courtney Stodden‘s YouTube show. I’m already there, bitch.

Jose Canseco