Jonathan Rhys Meyers does Details!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers does Details!
October 29, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening everyone! you may have seen this posted on a few other blogs today but i simply love hottie jonathan rhys meyers who landed the cover of the brand new details holiday issue and i can’t help myself from posting it here on popbytes! (sometimes i think it’s okay to double up on hot content!) i probably love him best in match point (directed by woody allen who is probably my top director besides david lynch) but coming in a close second is jonathan’s turn as ‘king henry viii’ in showtime‘s deliciously sexy & semi-historical series the tudors which will be returning for a second season next year! below are a few choice quotes mixed along with the hot cover – oh my word – he makes me melt! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

on brad pitt

let’s not kid ourselves—this business is about being good-looking. look, brad pitt is an incredible actor, but do you think he’d be a famous movie star if he didn’t look like that? come on!

on leonardo dicaprio

[leonardo dicaprio] was successful very young, was a party boy, took two years off, and then became this major hollywood player. right now i can get a $5 million film green-lit, not a $100 million film.

on being a narcissist

part of being a narcissist is being terribly insecure. if i wasn’t so insecure about myself, i wouldn’t work as hard as i do. i am constantly seeking approval.

on staying out of the limelight

you know why i stay out of the limelight? i always think there will be that time that people will find out that i’m crap at what i do. i think they will figure out i’m crap. doesn’t everybody have that feeling?