Jon Hamm did porn too!

Jon Hamm did porn too!
September 23, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

I fucking told you people it was a legitimate profession! HOO-YAH! Anyway, Mad Men star Jon Hamm revealed in an interview that he used to work in the adult entertainment industry, but not in the way that you’d think. He was a set dresser. Hey, do not mock the set dressers, people. They put a lot of love and heart into those Sex Ed classes.

He was working as the set dresser on a soft porn film (porn films need set dressers? “You gotta move cameras around, and ashtrays; and continuity is apparently an issue”) when Jennifer Westfeldt, who was at that point a distant acquaintance of Hamm’s, invited him to be in a play she was working on in New York. “I came in after another 12-hour day [on the porn film] to this message on my answer phone, and I was so exhausted and depressed and bone tired that I called her back immediately: ‘Yes! I don’t care what it is!’ SOURCE

True story here: Alright, so this one time, we were on set, right? And the director is this super perfectionist who needs every shot to have flawless continuity. Anyway, we have glasses of Red Bull in the shot (which totally look like pee, thanks a fucking lot for that mental image Sam Swift) when someone takes a sip and he freaks out because the level of Red Bull has changed and someone has to run out to pick up more and blah and blah and blah. THIS is why we need set dressers people.