Jon (Hamm) and Kate Plus 8?

Jon (Hamm) and Kate Plus 8?
August 30, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Not content to simply ruin the fantastic Emmy Awards opening (as well as her own children), Kate Gosselin is now hoping to parlay her invitation to the Primetime Emmys into an acting gig on … oh fuck me sideways. She’s hoping to land an acting gig on Mad Men. For real real, not for play play. Say what you will, still a hell of a lot better than Jon Gosselin‘s career as … whatever it is that Jon does. Is he even still alive? God knows his career isn’t.

Kate Gosselin, 35, who took part in host Jimmy Fallon‘s opening song-and-dance number, saw her invitation to the Emmys as the “perfect place” to network with casting directors and producers, according to PopEater.com. “Kate has made her mind up that she’s going to be an actress and hopes her new profession will result in her finding a new man,” a Gosselin pal told the gossip website. “The show she would really like to be cast in is Mad Men,” the source said in all seriousness. SOURCE

That screaming sound you may have just heard in the distance was the entire cast and crew shitting themselves simultaneously. Thankfully, they have procedures for trouble on set …

Kate: Hey there! I’m here to audition for a part on the show! … Hey, where is everyone?

Christina Hendricks: Oh sorry, you just missed them. They’re all … ummm …

Producers: (*Hiding in Christina’s massive cleavage*) At Starbucks. We’re all at Starbucks.

Kate: Did your boobs just talk?

Jon Hamm: (*Also hiding in Christina’s massive cleavage*) No.

Christina: No.