Joe Francis’ wife realized she’s married to Joe Francis

Joe Francis’ wife realized she’s married to Joe Francis
December 29, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Hugh Hefner take note: one month into their marriage, Joe Francis‘s wife, Christina McLarty, has already moved out of their house. I’m assuming this has something to do with the fact that she sat down and realized that she was married to a guy whose job it is to trick girls with daddy issues into flashing their tits at the camera in exchange for a shirt that says “I HAVE LOW SELF-ESTEEM! WOO!”

A source tells the website that Christina “moved out of their Bel Air home and into her mother’s house” and the couple may already be considering a divorce.

[…] “He was talking about the details of the separation openly while at the Kardashian holiday party,” the source told Radar. “Christina moved out a bit after Thanksgiving.” No word on whether there was a prenup or what will happen to Christina’s $500,000 ring. SOURCE

Considering that it’s no longer Christmas and Santa can’t move his fat, jolly ass for another 364 days (thanks a lot, tubsy!), I guess we’ll just to hand the credit for this one over to the nearest holiday… Which is New Years? I think. Thanks Baby New Year, or whoever the fuck it is that rule’s over this crappy holiday!