Joan Rivers does Martha Stewart!

Joan Rivers does Martha Stewart!
January 29, 2009 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! i just got back from an advanced screening of coraline which opens next week (february 6th) i highly recommend it – prepare to be blown away – the 3-D was truly spectacular! anyways right now i’ve got my darling joan rivers (age 75) who was recently on the martha stewart show – ms. rivers is a total comedic legend and is still as feisty & funny as ever – just the other night there was a hilarious interview with her featured on nightline (watch it here) she totally cracks me up and has been in the business for over fifty years – god bless her and all of her plastic surgery! when asked about her cosmetic procedures the other night – she said for her age she thinks she looks good – with what she started out with – i find that to be a true statement! below are some choice quotes from her time with ms. stewart – the banter between joan and martha was hysterical – i love her bit about amy winehouse – and i think it’s so funny that martha assumes angelina jolie is crafty – i wonder if that’s a word jennifer aniston might use to describe ms. jolie? popbytes over & out for tonight – thank heavens tomorrow is friday – xoxo

Joan on her plastic surgery:

MS: Now, I’ve read somewhere that you’ve only spent $80,000 on plastic surgery.

JR: Which sounds insane…

MS: No, it sounds too little.

JR: Oh, God…I love you!

MS: Too little – you look so great! I would have thought that one operation costs $80,000.

JR: I always say, better a new face coming out of an old car than an old face coming out of a new car! You can leave the car at the curb.

JR: Without Botox I’d have more lines on my face than Amy Winehouse’s coffee table.

MS: She’s not doing so well…

JR: She’s a good girl.

Joan on the title of her book, Men Are Stupid…and They Like Big Boobs

MS: How did you come up with this title [Men Are Stupid…and They Like Big Boobs]?

JR: I was in college and I was dating Marilyn Monroe’s lawyer’s son, and they took me to a dinner party…

MS: With Marilyn Monroe?

JR: Yeah, and she was very shy so she picked the least threatening girl in the room, which was a college girl…and she sat next to me. She sat all night and talked to me, and she said, “Don’t forget, men are stupid and like big boobs.”

Joan on Priscilla Presley:

JR: Poor Priscilla Presley!

MS: What happened to Priscilla Presley?

JR: She looks like she’s in the witness protection program. You don’t recognize her and she admits that.

MS: You look wonderful.

Joan on Angelina Jolie:

MS: I have a room with 10 sewing machines.

JR: Seriously? You should send that to Angelina Jolie – she can put the kids to work.

MS: Angelina, I bet she has a sewing machine. I bet she’s very crafty.



joan rivers promotes her book
joan rivers promotes her book
joan rivers promotes her book
joan rivers promotes her book
joan rivers promotes her book
joan rivers promotes her book