jimmy & martha love all things pot!

jimmy & martha love all things pot!
February 23, 2009 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! funny man jimmy fallon stopped by the martha stewart show for a special episode (that aired today) dedicated to all things related to the word pot aka the pot show! except for the kind you smoke – although it was alluded to many times (i’m sure martha and jimmy have both taken a few tokes before – who hasn’t?) jimmy even joked by bringing her a fresh plate of brownies – claiming he baked them at michael phelps‘ house – plus he brought ms. stewart a pot with a small plant that definitely bears a resemblance to marijuana (pictured below) ever since mr.fallon left saturday night live – he’s been kind of keeping a low profile but that’s all about to change when he takes over for conan o’brien on late night – his first episode airs march 2nd – i’m so going to have to tune in for that one (although 12:35am is pushing it on a weeknight) it will be great to see him back on television – he’s super funny and pretty darn cute! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

PS martha stewart just got on the twitter train – now you can follow her!

On the brownies Jimmy made for Martha:

JF: I made you some special brownies. I was over at Michael Phelps house and we…

MS: These are really good!

JF: Apparently he [Michael Phelps] loves to cook. They’re really good…I ate a half-a-pound backstage.

Jimmy on his new gig as host of “Late Night”

MS: Are you excited about your new job?

JF: I’m excited, I’m anxious, I’m nervous. I mean, there are big shoes to fill – Conan O’Brien, David Letterman.

MS: How can you be nervous? You’ve been on Saturday Night Live…do you write your own stuff.

JF: No, I have great writers that write my stuff. I barely even talk…I barely know English. I say everything phonetically – I’m like ABBA. Me and ABBA work the same way.

MS: You better have us laughing five nights a week. I’m an insomniac.

JF: 12:30 at night, my only competition is sleep.

MS: So if you’re funny and really good, nobody’s going to go to sleep.

JF: Exactly – I need to keep people awake, so I’m sending a Red Bull to everyone in America. I just need everyone’s addresses.


During a special taping of “The Martha Stewart Show”, Martha was joined in studio by the hilarious Jimmy Fallon. Airing Monday, February 23, the hour long episode is entirely dedicated to the world of pot, well, not that kind of pot – the hour has a totally tongue in cheek feel with Martha talking about her personal pot stash in the show open alongside a crawl of every word that includes POT. She and Jimmy cook his favorite Crock-POT chili; she visits with some POTbelly pigs and she chats with her favorite POTters, Guy and Ben Wolf, about how to create clayPOTS. And at the segment’s end, Martha presents Jimmy with her own special POTted plant…