Jimmy Fallon’s $100 ‘The Tonight Show’ Bet

Jimmy Fallon’s $100 ‘The Tonight Show’ Bet
February 18, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Jimmy Fallon

Last night, Jimmy Fallon officially took over on NBC’s The Tonight Show, at least until Jay Leno is like “Nyeh, I want to come back now.” Anyway, Jimmy decided to kick off the show by calling out all the people who bet him $100 he’d never host The Tonight Show, which he apparently made with every celebrity in New York. And also Kim Kardashian, because gawd dammit, STOP ENCOURAGING HER. But then Stephen Colbert came in and fixed everything Kim ruined, so there’s that. Plus Joan Rivers made her first appearance on the show in nearly thirty years after Johnny Carson banned her back in the day, it was a joyous moment! Check out all the people who stopped by last night below!

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