jewel and her dirty explicit poetry!

jewel and her dirty explicit poetry!
January 17, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening everyone! so anytime i can toss out a little jewel love here on popbytes – i’m a happy camper! i’ve been a huge fan since her ’95 (gosh that’s like 12 years ago – yikes!) debut album pieces of you and i’ve always found her to be way underrated (i still think her dance album from ’03 titled 0304 was so fucking awesome) she’s an amazing singer with a killer ranger plus she’s a talented writer! (and an artist without a record label – a total shame but no worries…she’ll be releasing three albums on her own!)

this week STAR magazine catches up with ms. jewel who is now hosting nashville star while being blissfully happy with her rodeo boyfriend ty murray! she even admitted to penning some new poetry (ok yes i’m a fan but i never bought/read her first book of poems) that she finds ‘a little bit explicit’ and doesn’t want ty’s mom to read her dirty little stanzas! she might think about publishing it though…probably would sell better than the first time around! anyways (oh lordy – there’s that word again) as a bonus check out jewel’s latest video for the (kinda sappy) song quest for love which is on the arthur and the invisibles soundtrack! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS oh my word! so i was writing this post and i put on american idol from last night and i had no clue that jewel was one of the judges in minneapolis – wild! i was all this is so crazy – i so love a good coincidence!

q: what about marriage? we’ve had so many friends get married and divorced in the eight years we’ve been together. i think if we had kids, we’d get married. but i still have more work to do. i don’t want to be selfish and drag kids through too much.

q: any more poetry books? i have a book of love poems about me and ty already written but it’s a little bit explicit. i don’t want ty’s mom to read it, so i’m afraid to publish it!