jesus is magic

jesus is magic
November 3, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! gosh it’s been a crazy week – i must have played madonna’s confessions on a dance floor 1000x already – i still love the album and i so stand behind my glowing review! the album is 100% solid dance gold – i can’t say it enough! dance & prance on!

anyways you might have noticed the larger banner atop popbytes touting the new film from crazy funny lady sarah silverman called jesus is magic (i mentioned the film the other day) – it looks hysterical plus i really enjoy her sense of humor – a bit sick & twisted but so true – she will make you laugh – and actually her sister laura silverman played ‘jane’ on our beloved and now extinct comeback – once i made the connection i was very excited!

so here at popbytes i am running a little giveaway – the winner will get an autographed poster of the film signed by ms. silverman herself – i am making it really easy to enter – just subscribe to my newsletter at the top of the site (i still haven’t released a single popbytes newsletter but it is so on the pop horizon) by entering your email address – anyone who signs up between now and next friday (the film releases in select cities on nov 11th) is eligible – i will randomly pick a winner! below are 4 clips from the film, the trailer, and an .mp3 of a very quick but funny song you’re gonna die soon! – so rock on & do check out the clips and please enter my giveaway – thank heavens tomorrow is friday – plus i am going somewhere very special this sunday…stay tuned people – i am so excited for this one…xxoo

jesus is magic trailer (.mov 10.3mb)


the origin of jesus is magic (.mov 14.9mb)

it’s a musical? (.mov 12.7mb)


my boyfriend is catholic (.mov 5.4mb)

sarah remembers 911 (.mov 5.7mb)

how to motivate kids (.mov 6.6mb)

jews driving german cars (.mov 7.7mb)


you’re gonna die soon! (.mp3 1mb)

There is no doubt that Sarah Silverman’s star is definitely on the rise.
From stand-up comedy to film and television, Sarah has seen her share of
success and things are only beginning for this talented young actress.
The feature length film version of her one-woman show ‘Jesus is Magic’
will be distributed by Roadside Attractions opening in theaters November
11th. Directed by Liam Lynch and filmed before a live crowd in Los
Angeles in September of 2004 the film garnered rave reviews at both the
SXSW Film Festival and the Aspen Comedy Festival. The stage version of
the show played to sold out crowds in New York and LA. The Los Angeles
Times called ‘Jesus’ ‘savagely effective, as ruthlessly provocative as
anything since the heyday of Lenny Bruce’