Jessie and The Toy Boys – Push It

Jessie and The Toy Boys – Push It
March 13, 2011 MICHAEL KNUDSEN
Jessie And The Toy Boys - Push It

Here’s a super fun pop song I recently discovered called Push It (featuring Yelawolf) from Jessie and The Toy Boys. The band (one girl, four mannequins!) was formed last summer by Jessie Malakouti (22), an up and coming singer/songwriter from right here in California on the scene since 2006.

You may have heard about Jessie a few years ago in relation to Britney Spears‘ 2009 single If You Seek Amy, which people said sounded quite reminiscent of a song Jessie wrote in 2008 called Trash Me. The similarity is seriously undeniable, you can listen and decide for yourself over here. She eventually commented about the situation this past January, telling UK’s Company magazine ‘I read on Perez Hilton that Britney had recorded a song that sounded exactly like a song that I wrote and I was shocked! I’d written Trash Me two years before and pitched it for Britney’s Black Out album, but decided to keep it for myself … I blame the writers rather than her. I felt betrayed at the time, but now it feels good to know that I set the trend and it’s a massive compliment.’ All that unexpected good press aside, this girl (who happens to be gorgeous) is definitely going places, I absolutely love this song, it’s simply bound to be a big hit! I can’t to hear more from Jessie and The Toy Boys!

Jessie and The Boy Toys - Push It

Jessie and The Toy Boys - Push It