jessica simpson’s video really sucks!

jessica simpson’s video really sucks!

ok so this afternoon when i posted the new jessica simpson video – i was so busy that i didn’t have time to watch the entire thing…until now! OH MY GOODNESS – she made a horrible video! the song i can deal with in very small doses but gosh the video is the fucking pits! the whole beginning intro with all her ‘ladies’ – making the dumbest comments (having babies in africa? most downloaded on the internet? give me a break!) and then ryan seacrest turns around to pipe in with his stupid comments…UGH!

next watching them all on prance around on rollerskates made me wanna puke – eva longoria, christina applegate, and christina milian all made a huge & embarassing mistake and lost major points! i love ms. applegate…they must have drugged her to join in! i don’t care if your recently divorced gal pal needs a little help…friendship does not require being in someone’s lame ass video!

the song totally rips off madonna but then with the video jess goes all copycat again using the whole rollerskating & leotard theme (which madge did right in her awesome sorry video) plus she copies that dance move near the end with their hands up…so fucking lame – oh my word! i also hated when jessica does that whole bit with that cute guy under those stage spotlights – i was freaking out – it’s all so very bad! andy dick although a bit weird & creepy is the only remotely enjoyable thing about the video but that’s not saying much at all…

i just had to get on here and rip her a new one – i don’t hate ms. simpson by any means but i have to be honest! i am very curious to see what she picks for her second single…it has to better than this pile of crap – she best pick very carefully…popbytes feeling a little better after getting that off my pop chest (plus my pal tabloid whore totally agrees with me) – xxoo!