jessica simpson tries to do grace kelly

jessica simpson tries to do grace kelly
September 20, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my word! i thought jessica simpson looked terrible last night at the LA premiere of her new flick employee of the month – she just needed some mouse ears and to be called minnie! tonight i saw her interviewed by access hollywood and she told them her style for the evening was trying to channel the legendary grace kelly?!? the key word there is trying…lordy ms. kelly just rolled over in her grave – god bless her! rear window (1954) is one of my favorite films – gosh she was so stunningly gorgeous (without any surgical help)

in other horrendous statements jessica admitted to be signed on to star in a ‘remake’ of working girl (1988) and it will be called blonde ambition (looks like she is trying AGAIN to reference madonna) that film doesn’t need a revisit – it’s perfect as is! (just like adventures in babysitting) go ahead and make a film about a secretary making her way to the top – just don’t call it a fucking remake – ugh! oh man now i’m all jumped up and ready to settle into the two hour premiere of america’s next top model – i’ll check y’all later!