jessica does ashlee & jared leto

jessica does ashlee & jared leto

i’m sure you have all heard the recent rumors about jessica simpson getting extra cozy with actor/musician jared leto (damn he has the most beautiful eyes) and how lindsay lohan is livid about the hook-up but that story is skating on thin ice – lohan’s reps deny she is upset or even concerned with who the simpson sisters are dating…but i just had to post the scan below – i so love the picture they used of la lohan – she looks so damn pissy – ha! we will keep our eyes on the whole leto/simpson connection for sure…

in other simpson news ms. jessica did an interview with maxim magazine and STAR has a few excerpts on what she thinks about her little sister ashlee simpsonmy sister. her body is so sick right now! she’s like this little surf girl with the most perfect boobs and the skinniest legs. i have no idea how she looks so good. she’s addicted to sugar…there’s no sibling rivalry. we’re different people, and our bodies are totally different… uhm what about her new nose jess and you have no idea how she looks so good? hello – she has had some recent plastic surgery – that usually helps…she is just playing her dumb blonde self! i so love the quote in the circle below – she thinks too hard?!? oh lordy save us all now! you can read more of ms. simpson’s interview in maxim’s july issue or right now you can get some more bits from STAR this week…

oh my word i am SO tired! it’s like almost 1am here and i can’t even think anymore about gossip or anything else for that matter however i will be posting a few more tabloid bits in the morning! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!