‘Jersey Shore’ is going to Italy!

‘Jersey Shore’ is going to Italy!
January 25, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

Oh MTV … just when I think you’ve reached the bottom of the barrel, you literally break through it and start scraping at the dirt underneath the barrel. Case in point, Jersey Shore is headed to Italy for season four, despite the fact that most of the cast aren’t actually Italian, but rather, Italian stereotypes!

As Jersey Shore prepares to film its fourth season, the cast is reportedly getting booted from the U.S. and will bring their fist pumps and drunken antics to Italy. Sources connected to the show told TMZ that MTV has been scouting locations in Italy. Producers started lining up visas for the cast and crew two months ago, but filming in Italy is contingent on the government letting them into the country to film. The show’s executives are even in talks with cast member Vinny Guadagnino’s Italian relatives for a few episodes, so they can host an authentic dinner for the Shore stars. SOURCE

Hey, you know what’s an even better idea than sending a bunch of fake Italians to real Italy? Absolutely anything else. Seriously, I’m pretty sure Snooki doesn’t even know what Italy is. “Italy? No, no, it’s cool, my cousin had that once, a little penicillin will clear that right up.”