Jenny of the ‘block’ … preggers?

Jenny of the ‘block’ … preggers?

ok i so know i said i would drop this – but i cant – i just cant – so creepy troll marc anthony was on the view today – neither confirming or denying his marriage! come on give us a fucking break!! and if she’s pregnant – that’s nasty – and i pity the child – although they will be set for life – could you imagine (me and west-kevina mused on this on hollywood blvd today) if j lo drops out for a bit to have her baby in hiding? and then gives up her latina baby – and in like 20 yrs – extra extra – j lo’s love child surfaces! i don’t think i can’t talk about this anymore – lets move on!!!! keep yr eye on the countdown – they may actually gain an extra day – since i thought they got married sunday – but i think it was saturday! i will confirm and make it 100% accurate! everyone loves the new feature! and my great cool friend cathy (toxic titties rules!) and who i went to origins after work today with – i swear they have the best skincare products out there! so ms. cathy said i should just do the daily count for one year – so that is settled – lets see in the next 365 days if the trouble brews – like we all predict! should we bet?

what else – well some crazy popbytes traffic news! courtesy of kelley limp (aka mrs. scott wolf) – so last friday i had about 530 unique visitors to the site – i watch traffic constantly since i am slightly obsessed with this site – and making it the best it can be! i hope you guys enjoy it! so traffic starts increasing at like 100’s an hour! i was convinced something was wrong! i just couldn’t believe it! so i check my stats – and i see kelley limp as a huge search engine referral – quick as anything – i grab a picture of scott wolf and his new bride kelley limp – i add it to the you didn’t hear it from me… newsletter by the fabulous nikkib – i move the story up! and boom the traffic continues to rise – in this very exact moment as i write my daily post – i have had 6321 unique visitors to popbytes for june!!! – fuck – wow – is all i can say – and it just came from a featured top search movers on msn.com – and when clicked popbytes appeared within the first 15 listings – so crazy – it was a major spike for the saga of popbytes – i cant imagine what a link from say the front-page of yahoo would do?? gosh the web is wild! its only been since sept that popbytes was born! and imp inspired! (im not making one red cent!) but it’s GREAT! thank you for coming! please keep coming! im no one to disappoint – i mean i am a capricorn!!! the lone goat climbing the mountain to success! just u watch me!

ok one more thing – on for love or money 2 that just started last night – ok so i saw about a million promos for the show – and this twist of playing for a one dollar or one million – didn’t become clear to me until last night – im breezing by the tv around 10pm – and i see these tacky oil paintings of each gal – and then the camera pans to a check – boom – i suddenly discover they are all playing for different amounts!!! form the commercials – i thought they were all playing for the same amount! now the twist makes sense (i wasn’t the only one confused – my gal cocohippie – was fooled as well!) so im in – im down – although the guy preston is pud he’s gross – except his name – oh preston – its a cute name one can call out in the throes of passion! – but alas a name is just a name…so dudes! tune in next week to see what happens…

the stepford wives hits theaters this week – im so down – and my mom (god bless her!) won tickets to a pre-screening – im so happy for her – pre-screenings rule – and they are free!!! so i will give you the dish on the flick ASAP – i did hear from someone at work who ‘pre-screened’ (dave – write me a review anytime!) and said it was great – and he actually went to a screening of the original stepford wives – which i swear is one of the top five beauties of all time – katherine ross – and one of my favorite movies of all time – i swear the 70’s was the best era for horror movies – not gory or unrealistic – but oddly creepy and very bone-chilling (other films that i also put in this category are rosemary’s baby – FUCK that is a great movie – mia rules! the exorcist – although a bit more gory – still realistic in a way – and creepy – and i love me some ellen burstyn anytime (you all saw requiem for a dream right – if not – go go go to the video store – and settle into an amazing movie – and one fucking brilliant performance – and the sentinel – an obscure movie – about a chick that moves to brooklyn heights (yes my last BEST haunt in my 8 yr stint in nyc) and she ends up becoming the guardian to the gates of hell – yes you heard me – hell! – oh and one more classic burnt offerings starring the late great oliver reed and a true popbytes goddess – who i just recently saw in a new movie gypsy 83 – the amazingly haunting – brilliant – karen black – you all love her – and you all love trilogy of terror where karen is featured in three great horror stories – and one where she becomes possessed by a voodoo doll – im sure its available on dvd – i mean everything and anything these days is making it to dvd – including this weeks release of yes – punky brewster i bet that’s an acid flashback for y’all) – fuck that was a long diversion in a set of () – where the fuck was i – oh yes – stepford wives – i just know its going to be a bit more ‘funny’ than the original – but im psyched to see what goes on – especially with the greats glenn close and bette midler – and yes ice princess shows up – you know i think that’s why i think she is a top notch actress – she has about zero personality of her own – that she can kind of be a chameleon – and transform before our eyes (word is that she is always wearing full body makeup – apparently she is so pale and fair (so am im being of mainly norwegian decent – oh so soon im gonna post a fun pic of the master behind popbytes – im pretty camera shy – and i need the right pic – jeez i need to get me on top of the hollywood sign!) – so i hear nicole is always covered in body makeup – and the wranglers say to keep hand off (jeez its like nicole will shatter into a million pieces) so she doesn’t smudge – shit maybe she really is a robotic ‘stepford wife’ – oh nicole im sorry to be mean but i love you 1000x more than slutty jen lopez – yes i try to come full circle…

and finally speaking of jenny from the fucked up block – my mom was so cute today – she said oh you shouldn’t call her a whore – she might sue you – i said GREAT – go ahead make my lawsuit – can u all imagine the traffic that popbytes would get?? shit – i would be on extra! extra! – and it would be a ball to be sued by jen – oh my friend gillian mused – ‘you would have to prove in a court of law to prove she is a whore!!’ oh i laughed – try finding an unbiased jury on that one – maybe mars has some people who still ‘admire’ her – it would be easy breezy (covergirl) to prove she is indeed a puta (español for whore)…popbytes out!

ps – wilson phillips is due to perform wednesday on ryan seacrest – shit you better believe it – if it’s in the courtyard – guess where popbytes will lunch! (come on melissa k, rick, cathy!) – dudes i fucking love hold onrelease me and impulsive – and carnie still looks great! ok popbytes seriously out!!!