jenny lopez to do dallas – ugh!

jenny lopez to do dallas – ugh!
March 14, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh you have to be kidding me! no one needs to turn past 80’s primetime soap megahit dallas into a movie – they should be stopped now! who really needs or even wants to see a movie version of ‘dallas’??? oh just let that southfork ranch rest in peace! director robert luketic (legally blonde) is hoping to start production of this ‘adaption’ of the beloved series in october – hottie luke wilson is in talks to play ‘bobby ewing’…john travolta will most likely play ‘jr ewing’ & shirley mclaine has been tapped to play matriarch ‘miss ellie’ – all not such bad choices…

but hold onto your pop hats people – jennifer lopez has been offered the role of ‘sue ellen’ – oh my fucking word! i think role originator & diva legend linda gray just smacked her head on something! this is a crazy & outlandish choice for casting in my opinion – i just think this project needs to be stopped dead in its tracks before we see ‘la lopez’ running all over that texas ranch – we don’t wanna see that! yet it has been said this film has a budget up near the 130 million dollar mark so i doubt we can stop this train from rolling! oi vey – what are films coming to these days? rumors swirled that the ‘sue ellen’ role was open for catherine zeta-jones (who may play ‘pamela ewing’) or demi moore – who i think would actually be the best choice – she could play steely & cold ‘sue ellen’ perfectly – although i am not a huge fan of ms. moore either…popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

Dallas will be set in Texas in modern times; it won’t be a spoof of the TV series; it’s not a comedy; and JR Ewing and his backstabbing, dysfunctional family will take centre stage. READ MORE