Jenny McCarthy might not be returning to ‘The View’

Jenny McCarthy might not be returning to ‘The View’
June 25, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Jenny McCarthy

As more and more people finally clue into the fact that not getting your kid vaccinated might be dangerous, it seems like public’s goodwill for Jenny McCarthy may be plummeting at a pretty steady rate. Try as she might to claim that she was ever against vaccinations, Jenny’s reputation isn’t doing so hot, and according to The Examiner, she might not be returning to The View once her contract is up …

Since Barbara Walters left, a lot of changes are now taking place on the daytime talk show, and Jenny hasn’t proved that she appeals to the daytime audience market. Most people just couldn’t relate to her. Besides, ratings have dipped slightly since Jenny became a co-host. Numbers on The View are down by about 5 percent compared with last season. ABC’s The View is still at the top, but CBS’s rival daytime show The Talk has climbed 19 percent from last season. While Jenny’s representative has not responded to the rumor, ABC says that while its policy prohibits them from discussing employees’ contracts, “Jenny has been a welcome addition to the show.” Jenny has brought some interesting things to the show. She announced her engagement to Donnie Walhberg. Also, she publicized her new book.

So now you know: You cannot simply go up in front of the American public, espousing a dangerous, anti-scientific opinion and expect to keep your job. Unless you’re a member of the government, in which case you can make that the backbone of your entire campaign. Global warming isn’t real, and all that heat is just gay marriage making hell hotter? Sure, I’ll believe that.

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