JLo’s getting $12 million to judge a karaoke contest

JLo’s getting $12 million to judge a karaoke contest
September 14, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Oh glory be hallelujah, the long national nightmare has ended restarted: Jennifer Lopez has finalized her deal to be a judge on American Idol because… well, let’s face it here, the girl’s not doing anything else, is she? Remember that crappy song about shoes? No? Neither does anyone else.

A month after the singer-actress’s initial deal with American Idol fell apart — thanks, in part, to demands that had gotten “out of hand,” according to a source — Lopez will after all be joining the judging panel for the show’s upcoming 10th season, sources tell PEOPLE. Lopez’s $12 million contract, which was first reported by Deadline.com, comes two weeks after Kara DioGuardi confirmed she was leaving the show, following in the footsteps of both Simon Cowell and new judge Ellen DeGeneres. SOURCE

Oh boy, $12 million to tell teenagers that there rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart was pitchy? Plum gig, JLo, plum gig. It sure as hell beats your previous job of absolutely nothing. Somewhere out there, Ben Affleck is laughing his ass off at the premiere of The Town knowing that he just dodged a goddamn Bullet.