jennifer aniston wearing a wedding ring?

jennifer aniston wearing a wedding ring?
August 26, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids – here’s a hot new gossip item – spotted (oh how gossip girl of me) jennifer aniston meeting up with legendary director woody allen for dinner earlier tonight in beverly hills at madeo and she was wearing a ring on her wedding finger (and was in no way hiding it from the paparazzi lenses) i highly doubt she’s secretly married but why would she toss a ring on that particular finger?!? i’m sure the mystery will be unraveled very soon (maybe it’s just wishuful thinking – now that she probably heard cameron diaz might be engaged to her former flame model paul sculfour) besides all that ring business…i’m super excited about the fact she was meeting up with mr. allen (my favorite director besides tim burton) i think she’d be perfect to star in a movie of his (not every actress has the chops to star in a woody allen flick but i do think ms. aniston has what it takes – he simply must have another hannah and her sisters or husbands and wives in him) popbytes over & out for tonight…xoxo