Jennifer Aniston: totally ready for babies

Jennifer Aniston: totally ready for babies
August 6, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning y’all! the latest cover of STAR magazine is featuring jennifer aniston who is apparently desperately itching to have some babies of her own (tick tock) the very same week her ex-hubby brad pitt landed on the cover of people magazine with his lady angelina jolie and the couple’s new twins knox leon & vivienne marcheline – although jen’s current boyfriend john mayer has grown on me over the past few years (i used to loathe him…) i still don’t see that relationship turning super serious or producing babies – which almost seems like a hollywood requirement these days – it’s totally ok not to have children (i certainly don’t want any and it’s not because i’m gay – i love kids but i don’t necessarily need my own…call me callous)

in other baby related news – i must give kudos to the magazine for breaking the news first back in march that lisa marie presley was pregnant with twins which was confirmed today – it’s total twin pandemonium over here in hollywood! on a final note i wish kate hudson would go away on single sabbatical for a few months – she totally irks me yet i’m sure we’ll be seeing her with new male prey very soon – she can’t stay unhitched for even a few minutes – guys seriously need to watch out – ms. hudson is back on the prowl (somewhere lance armstrong is breathing a huge sigh of relief…) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo