Jennifer Lopez’s crotch was on British TV last night

Jennifer Lopez’s crotch was on British TV last night
May 29, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Jennifer Lopez

Last night, Jennifer Lopez performed her new (recycled Pitbull) single “Live It Up” while dressed like a drag queen on Britain’s Got Talent. That’s not a joke: My friend Katinka Kature has that exact same ensemble. Granted, her hair’s bigger than JLo’s, but I think my point still stands. Anyway, at one point in the video (around the 3:15 mark) JLo thrusts her crotch directly into the camera, which the British found so offensive that they flocked en masse to Twitter (see example tweet below) to talk about how their virgin eyes were assaulted by her va-jay-jay. Never mind the fact that crotch-based dancing has been par for the course in pop music for decades now, THE VAJEEEEEEEN! AIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!


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