jen aniston’s B cups inflated to C cups…

jen aniston’s B cups inflated to C cups…
January 17, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

well if jennifer aniston did indeed get a little implant work done on her boobies – i say why not? below is a scan from the latest issue of STAR magazine which claims doctors are calling ’em like they see ’em! she’s been through the gossip ringer this past year plus there was the whole vince vaughn (she can and will do much better) fiasco – so for all her woes & worries she totally deserves the extra ‘natural appearing’ inflation! plus they’re not looking completely crazy on her like ivanka trump‘s new massive chest which looks so ridiculous – ugh! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

the minimal augmentation perfectly suits her, adds beverly hills plastic surgeon dr. jim olgloff, who also believes jen may have had surgery. “it’s flattering because it’s so natural looking,” says the doctor (who does not treat jen).

what’s more, having just had surgery would explain jen’s suspicious two-week absence from the public eye since dec. 9, when she hit the red carpet for bff courteney cox arquette’s new show, dirt ! (she wasn’t seen again until she emerged dec. 26 from her malibu, calif., home.) “it’s done as an outpatient surgery, in about an hour,” says copeland, who has not treated jen. “afterward, there could be bruising or swelling. but two to three weeks later, you can show your breasts and expose them, as she has.”