jen to brad: “i hate you!”

hey hey! oh i know members of team aniston are going to love the latest cover of national enquirer which is featuring the former mrs. brad pitt exploding & telling brad ‘i hate you!’ after supposedly two years of silence – but i think they must have spoken before this supposed incident – yet it sure does make for a dramatic cover – inside are details of when & where she ripped him a new one along with what she said about angelina jolie! who knows…maybe she told brad that she hates him in front of her mirror during her daily affirmations – ha!

at the top there’s farrah fawcett who is claiming that she’s cured of her cancer (or at least hopefully it’s in remission) after dealing with experimental cancer treatments in germany – which i actually watched a story about recently – you really have to watch yourself when seeking medical help outside the US – lots of con artists & bad doctors promising the sun & the stars – of course for a hefty price! i really do hope that ms. fawcett is better – i’d love to see her back doing her reality show which was a total hoot!

at the bottom we’ve got messy people including david hasselhoff & tara reid – oh my gosh i just realized – they should date each other – what a good time combo that would make! and then dr. phil could give them relationship advice – since he’s good like that – even supposedly saving his own marriage – way to go dr. p! last but not least we’ve got a look at hollywood’s best & worst butts & bellies – of course they’re featuring britney spears & kirstie alley on the worst side…then there’s cutie zac efron – who has hollywood’s most adorable belly! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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  • joey

    At least this one is funny. They keep running out of break up stories especially when they refuse to follow their orders and stay together. So I guess we are supposed to care that she now hates him. I guess she hates him because he won’t break up!?!
    Only in her mind did she speak to him personally. I agree that it is all a part of her personal affirmations. Scream at ocean, scream at image of Mr. Pitt!!

  • Stephanie

    Of course she hates Brad. He left her for someone who has no problems or issues having children around. “OH BOO HOO!!!!!!! You left me after I broke that promise to have children with you, to make crappy movies instead! BOO HOO!”.

  • kathy

    didn’t realise this was a brangeloonie site. ja doesn’t need any affirmations – she knoews and we know that she is a wonderful successful person who is loved by many – its the brangeloonies who need affirmation and post mean things to make themselves feel better and important – get a life

  • Brock Landers

    Look, I’m sure Jennifer Anniston is a lovely lady. I’m sure she’s very nice and yes she’s got a great body but can’t people admit that she’s a little not great looking? I mean there are people out there that think Sarah Jessica Parker is even remotely attractive? How is this possible?

  • the Jenloonies SUCK!!

    you call the Brad and Angie fans “brangeloonies”, so in that case, the Jennifer’s fans are the “JENLOONIES”!!


    who even cares? Its britney bitch!

  • Margaret

    I guess I got lost and ended up in Punk Jared. Oh no.

  • anonymou

    I find it absolutely hilarious to see total strangers acting like they know these people. Ha!.
    Three immoral celebrities who live in a fantasy world and we get wrapped up in their pretend life. One thing though, they’re millionaires, with our hard-earned money.
    Who gives a S#!% about Brad and Angelina(adulterers) and Jennifer(too old to be soooooo insecure). These three idiots need to go to hell. Better yet, get real jobs. They’re millionaires, why not open an orphanage for children and fund it with your own money and money from your rich pals. To Aniston, grow the f$$$ up. He left your @$$, good riddance. Thank God you were smart enough not to get pregnant with this A$$H****s’ child. He would have left you anyway. That’s what self-centered pricks do.

  • What’ju talkin’ bout Willis?

    Watch yourself outside the US?? It is inside the US where one has to watch themselves when seeking medical treatment. US doctors are so focused on cash flow and avoiding liability, that they will suggest a whole array of needless tests (and charge you for them). On top of that, many doctors in the US were drunken frat boys during med school and are now alcoholics and hooked on prescription meds. Also don’t forget that US hospitals are host to increasing cases of ‘superbug’ staph infections. Finally, one must’nt forget the FDA’s incredibly slow drug and treatment process. Farrah was right on in seeking help outside the US.

  • Monique Odourie

    I think Jenni has every right to feel that way, Brad shouldn’t have started a relationship with Angelina before his devorce went through and to make it worse Angelina got pregnanat while Brad was still married. Angelina should learn to respect other women’s terriotory maybe Brad & Jenni’s marriage would have survived they needed to sort out their problems without an intruder. Jenni didn’t refuse to have kids with Brad but was waiting until friends was over then she was very ready to start a family, and that is the exact time Angelina grabbed the opportunity, it’s wrong to hurt another fellower human being like that and yet Brad still claims to be Jenni’s friend and shares something deep, what exactly does he mean? He should just leave Jenni a lone she have moved on and doing very well being the most bankable actress at the moment. Those who think Jenni is ugly that is not true she average which is normal. Angelina is evil she should have let these two sort out their problems until devorce was final that is why most people dont take Angelina seriously, everyone thinks she is fake and a homerecker, I think so too. Am happy JENNI has moved on.

  • redhead

    Of course she hates him. I hate him too! He’s scum…

  • Angel

    For my point of vu, I think Jennifer Anniston is a GREAT PERSON, and by the way, she a beautiful woman outside and inside, she has been hurt enough so stop blaming Jennifer for not wanting children when you don’t even know the truth. It’s perfectly normal for couple to have problem but Brad didn’t give Jennifer and him this opportunity, he prefer to be a baby sitter, that’s what Angelina want by the way. She knew he was married and tried to hide it, but if you count the date she give birth to Brad’s child, he was still married to Jen. So now, Angelina is crying because Brad’s mon still talking to Jennifer. But remember one thing, Brad divorce Jennifer but her mother did have the right to still be friend with Jennifer after so many years together with her son.
    And if Angelina want Brad’s mom to stop seing her kids, well I think she should go for professonal help.
    Each day that Angelina look at Brad, remember one thing , He was Jennifer’s Husband and the special bound they have together will always be there and in her Fans too.
    She should have back-up from wreacking this mariage, She not a God for Cris Sake. She don’t even want to talk to her father. What kind a daughter is she? In live, we need to forgive but even if we don’t forget life goes on.
    But in every fan Life of Jennifer Anniston, in our heart, she still the LOVE OF BRAD PITT.
    If Angelina feels insecure, she should be, because what you did to someone could return to you.
    Wow I’m so glad he will play a movie and be the husband of her ex too. I’m sure ANgelina would be very insecure by that. Take it for cash, when you hurt somebody, pay back.
    Stop blamming Jennifer and let her live her life. She’s a wonderful person so leave her alone and they should stop blamming her for their own mistake (Brad and Angelina).
    And for ANgelina, Jennifer is forever in Brad’s heart, mind and soul. For her it’s normal to see her ex-husband but she don’t want Brad near Jennifer, that’s call JEALOUSY AND INSECURITY.
    Move one Jennifer, you deserve the wright to be happy and live all the beautiful moment you can, your fans still love you always.
    Amigo XOXO for Jennifer and a big hand for Brad’s mom to keep talking to Jennifer cause she have the wright to be in her life too. Brad’s mom is a respectable woman. Angelina should change herself before trying to change Brad’s mom. That also is call RESPECT.
    See Ya

  • Arlene

    I hate the national enquire. they make so many lies that aren’t even trrue. Like what they say about patrick swayze, that he was going to have 5 weeks to live. WHen they now say he’s not. I never believed them. Lying fuckheads.

  • mj

    all i have to say is that Jennifer Aniston is sooo F’ugly, why cant Hollywood take a good & Big F’N look at her and see that she is talentless since her “Friends dayz” her movies friggen suck, and shes old and starting to sag. I think shes is boring to look at as well, and my friends agree with me too! HOLLYWOOD Stop investing your money into this dumb women just bcuz u feel sorry 4 the her. GEZZZ