jen aniston’s $5 million tell-all…

hey hey! poor jen aniston is still being put through the ringer over her split from brad pitt and him then taking up quickly with angelina jolie – seriously all that stuff is in the past but i guess it makes for a good cover – below is the latest from STAR magazine which features ms. aniston’s supposed $5 million dollar tell-all (i’m assuming a book unless she’s going spill the beans at some college commencement) yes their split was fascinating & scandalous – stuff soap operas are made of but this whole tale is really losing steam! we seriously need another juicy scandal that doesn’t involve jen & brangelina – and please no more DUIs or rehabbers – that’s growing way tired too!

i prefer the story at the top – who in hollywood can’t get enough of botox?!? i say why the hell not on that angle – it’s better than going under the knife! on the cover we’ve got meg ryan, demi moore, virginia madsen, courteney cox-arquette, and last but not least nicole kidman being nabbed as ‘botox-aholics’ – is there rehab for that?!? on the far left there’s something going on with mario lopez – i have no time for him or his drama – who cares?!? then over on the right side of course there’s lindsay lohan – at least she’s back in rehab (her publicist released a statement earlier today) but i have a sinking feeling she’ll be dealing with her issues for quite a long time! (along w/ her messy & fucked up parents – mom dina & dad michael are both total losers) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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  • leigh keiruff

    I am certain to laugh my ass out if and when Jen tells everything that happened to her relationship with Brad in some college commencement or what have you. I also just want to point out that by the looks of the photo taken of Lindsay on the magazine cover, it seems like she is having an orgasm. LOLZ.

  • Andy

    Angelina has been flapping her mouth for a couple years so
    why not. Might be quite a eye opener but she still will get
    a lot of flack from the Brangloonies. There are two sides to
    every story. Everyone still makes a comparison beween the
    two. I am sure the King and Queen won’t like it.

  • apathetic desk jockey

    If a word of the Aniston thing is true, then she really hasn’t moved on. I believe it was Aniston that ‘flapped her gums’ to Vanity Fair and Oprah and talks about ‘screaming at the ocean’ and ‘crying through the poses.’ She’s still playing up the victim status and the minivans are lapping it up (“yes! yes! she’s just like ME!”).
    Well, she’s gotta keep up the plastic surgery, cause she’s sure as hell not getting any work.

  • Ficht

    the pic is from the year friends ended, she and leblanc met for as lunch date and exchanged scripts or smth

  • Pumpkin Poo

    Jennifer is pathetic. UGH! She wouldn’t be mad if Angelina wasn’t so much hotter than her. She was always miserable looking in her pictures with brad pitt. She’s insecure, boring and selfish.
    She needs to take a page out of Bruce Willis’ book. Ashton’s younger and hotter [debateable of course] but bruce ylou don’t see bruce whining about it, in fact, he and demi are best of friends and he also has a friendship with Ashton.
    THAT’S how you have a divorce. If only the rest of the hollywood idiots were as cool.

  • yuk

    JEN SELLING OUT : YUK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • christina

    yeah, but demi moore didnt ditch bruce willis for said younger piece of ass.
    i hope jen comes out and tells us all about how tiny brad pitt’s penis really is

  • EchoJoe

    I love all you folks who call her a “sell out.” The best thing that could happen to LA and the rest of America is to have ALL the sordid secrets and BS of hollywood out. I hope every player in this ridiculous celebrity drama has all thier backstabing and sophmoric antics thrown back in thier faces with a societal backlash that will have all of us longing for the galmour days of hollywood. It would be nice to see our “role models” not looking as if they just got up off the floor after an all night drinking and coke binge!

  • Jayne

    If this is true, then it’s the saddest thing I’ve read. How long can a woman ride on the coattails of a divorce? She’s not the first and definately won’t be the last divorcee in Hollywood, so what is the big fcuking deal? No studio is gonna invest in her because her movies will flop. it used to be th Rachel image everyone saw but now it’s an almost 40 yrs old, whiny pathetic woman child. Who wants to pay 8 bucks to see that?

  • Anonymous

    She is pathetic if this is true. Bitch he has moved on and you need to also.
    I know its like screaming at a deaf kid but come on Jen. I hope for her sake its a lie

  • jude

    I don’t think even Aniston would be stupid enough to do this.
    Most likely a lie….or she is doing a yoga book where she talks about crying through her moves or something.

  • leni

    From US Weekly
    Jennifer Aniston’s publicist is denying a report by Star magazine that the former Friends star is writing a dishy book spilling the details of her four-year marriage to Brad Pitt and their 2005 divorce.
    “Jennifer has no plans to write a book,” Aniston’s rep tells “She is not looking to write a tell-all. She has no interest in it.”

  • Marina

    How can people still believe in that fu$%#@ magazine???
    Jerry Seinfeld was right: “Anyone who buys those tabloids deserves to be lied to.”!!!!!

  • J’Adore

    Her possibly writing a tell all has nothing to do with wether she’s moved on or not. She’s cashing in and getting back at Brad and Angie. Fuck it. Brad cheated on her with Angie, if she wants to make some money and get a lil payback by airing stuff out let her. All of ya’ll would read it, shit look what you’re currently reading. And if she hasn’t got over it yet remember hurt is an emotion, it’s not like you can control it. And in case ya’ll forgot she was dumped by Brad Fuckin Pitt!

  • marissa

    the people that are actually buying into this are ridiculous.
    riding on the cottails of a divorce? do you honestly think she wanted to split from the person she loved?

  • WW882

    Good god. Jennifer is clearly the only damned person on earth who’s *ever* been dumped. Her misery is our misery. Get over it. She’s milking this to death. What a media whore. I’m sick of reading about her spending holidays alone or her long weekends with psycho Courteney and David, or cyring at New Years. Drama queen. How long ago were they together? A long time ago. She should focus on her non-existent career and her own life, not on her misery and Brangelina.
    For my money, I’m shocked Brad was ever with her. She’s whiney and not attractive, and from what I”ve been told by people who worked with her on Friends – she’s a real neurotic bitch. She apparently didn’t want to have children so she could concentrate on her film career and becuase she’s so body obsessed. Well, the concentrating on the career thing has really paid off – not.

  • karla

    WW882 and i guess you are very attractive and great..hahaha,get a life stupid kid,if you ever end up in her position-being left for another woman and have it rub to your face all the time by papers,tv,magazines and so on,then remember your words and laught at your sorry ass if you have the energy….what a losers you are!
    And whoever buys that lies deserves to be lied to…

  • Samantha

    regardless of where your pride lies, i don’t think jennifer aniston cares. shes not crying her eyes out over it everyday. i think she handled an otherwise callous situation tactfully.