janice dickinson goes all psychic!

janice dickinson goes all psychic!
April 11, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh i am so going to watch this tomorrow night! over on SCI-FI channel janice dickinson (aka the world’s first supermodel – at least according to that crazy book of janice we all worship…) is going to visit & get her psychic read on with world renowned psychic char margolis on the show psychic at large – i will be watching this for two reasons – number one being of course i LOVE janice dickinson (when she told gina on ANTM to just zip it bitch – i cheered – she is so fucking fierce! i want to say that to some people i have to deal with – just zip it bitch! say it out loud – it’s kinda fun) and number two is who ever thought in their wildest pop fantasies that ms. dickinson would ever appear on the SCI-FI channel?!? so i suggest you all tune in bitches!!! rock & blog on – i am zipping it for now – popbytes over & out – xxoo!

In the below sound bite, Janice’s father Sam, makes contact with Char.

Char Is there someone in your familylike a Sam?

Janice Thats my dad.

Char Hes here.

Janice Sams in here too.

Char Yes.

Janice Ask him to leave.

Later in the reading Sam continues to make his presence felt.

Char Who tried to put you in a cage? You were like a caged bird.

Janice My father, he locked me in a trunk.

Char He locked you in a trunk?

Janice Yeah, he was a pig.

Char For how long?

Janice About four hours.