jamie lee curtis loves the f-word!

jamie lee curtis loves the f-word!

hey hey! one of my favorite actresses jamie lee curtis (who doesn’t love a fish called wanda) is being featured on the latest cover of more magazine (targeting ladies 40 and over) ms. curtis will turn 50 on november 22nd – and she’s looking fabulous & fit – plus she’s all about the f-word – which isn’t what you might think – her key word is actually ‘freedom’ which is a wonderfully great concept & notion but right now i think i still prefer the 4-letter f-word (aka ‘fuck’) there’s oh so many ways to use it – and i do frequently…i admit to having a thing for cursing! (but i try to keep it to a minimum here on popbytes) i also loved jamie lee’s mom janet leigh (she passed away in 2004) who will be forever known for her infamous shower scene in alfred hitchcock‘s classic flick psycho! below are a couple of choice quotes from ms. curtis – including her advice for addicts which is to keep the evidence – and everyone knows amy winehouse could store her junkie evidence in an airplane hangar and have a grand ‘i’ve learned my lesson’ exhibition when she hopefully manages to clean up her shitty situation! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo

about sobriety: “it’s the single most important thing i’ve ever done. when you gain sobriety in the middle of your life, you’re really reborn.

her advice to addicts – keep your evidence: “did you get booked [for dui]? get the picture. go to the police department, thank them for arresting you, frame the picture, and put it up in your kitchen.”

curtis shares the letter she wrote to her sister when she first admitted her addiction: “the first line is, ‘i’ve been harboring a secret, a bad secret for the length of your stay. i have found and taken many of your percocet and vicodin.'” her sister kelly, she explained, has broken a bone and had been given painkillers. curtis continues with the letter. “‘i’ve betrayed you, and i know that you’re angry, and you have every right to be.’ and then it goes on to say, ‘i am lonely. i take them at night at home to ease the pain. i was so afraid to tell you.’…this has been on my desk for 10 years. holy shit!”

on aging: “i have watched, my whole life, people age and become buffoons. when you crest in your thirties or forties and then you don’t pull out of the public eye, you become a caricature. you have to have grace, dignity and gratitude, and walk away kind of slowly, like you’re walking away from a bear.” she mimics someone doing that: “i’m going to go now, bear. don’t kill me, don’t rip my fucking face off.”

about turning 50: “fifty is a big corner to turn. it used to mean being put out to pasture, but it’s the opposite with me. i feel more vibrant; i’m more active than i’ve ever been. the f-word really is freedom. it’s the freedom to have dropped the rock – the rock of addiction, of family, of comparisons with other people. it’s being fit and focused and furious.

about her career: “i’ve done movies i didn’t care about my entire life. the quality ones are an accident. that’s the luck of the freaking draw.”