James Franco to be roasted by Comedy Central

James Franco to be roasted by Comedy Central
July 12, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

James Franco

Because James Franco is an ARTIST, James Franco is going to be the subject of a Comedy Central roast starring James Franco. James Franco seems like a pretty big grab, especially when you consider these roasts are usually reserved for celebs who’ve exhausted their fame, but James Franco is a renaissance man, and James Franco will do whatever James Franco wants for the sake of art.

Honestly, I appreciate what James Franco does, I really do. It’s just the way James Franco frames himself that annoys me. Seriously, if James Franco had just said something like “well, I like what I do and I’m going to keep doing it,” I’d get behind that. But it’s the whole self-satisfied artist thing that is wearing thin. It also doesn’t help that James Franco decided to announce the news with the most “James Franco is so above this” video I’ve ever seen. Also: James Franco. James Franco? James Franco.

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